Here you will find content created in 51zero workshops:

Filming Workshops with The Music Man Project (Kent)
September/October 2019 

Video made as a result of filming workshops delivered by 51zero festival, commissioned by Kent Community Foundation.

Performed by The Music Man Project Musicians

Filmed by Wayne, Charlene, Colin, Sam, Moya, Elaine, Zoe, Ellen, Sam, Sally, John, Debbie, Brian, Tony & Thomas from the Music Man Project

Edited by Hannah Whittaker

Splice of Rochester Workshops with Deborah Humm

Analogue 16mm film made by participants of the filming splicing workshop delivered by artist Deborah Humm on Saturday 2nd November at Guildhall Museum as part of the 51zero/festival2019 programme.


Mapping Journeys at the Museum – Shadow Puppet Workshop
Friday 25th October 2019 | Huguenot Museum | 10am – 1pm 

Analogue Animation Workshop
Sunday 28th October 2019 | Guildhall Museum | 12 – 4.30pm