Director – Margherita Gramegna

Project Management and Administration – Rose Sizer

Events Management and Operations – Hannah Whittaker

Programme Curators – Keith Whittle, David Goldenberg, Cathy Rogers, Nicky Hamlyn

Creative Learning – Cathy Rogers

Strategy & Development – Neville Dack, Peter Robinson

Fund Administration – Medway Voluntary Action

Finance Management – Lynne Bax

Press & Communications – Molly Wright

Technical & Operations – Keith Greenfield

Trainee – Amy Maddock, Alex Aldham, Constanza Marques Guedes, Sariya




51zero is a not for profit arts organisation based in South-East England, founded and directed by artist filmmaker Margherita Gramegna. As an Unincorporated Group 51zero operates within a partnership agreement with Medway Voluntary Action (MVA). MVA act as the accountable body legally and financially answerable to funders for the effective management of grant income.

Governance Structure and Agreement