Selected Artists
We have selected the following four artists based in the Old High St. Intra

Christopher Sacre. Artist and Art Facilitator
Jane Pitt. Audio – Visual Artist
Jake Wood. Performance and Intervention Artist
Sarah Blacker-Barrowman. Milliner


Christopher Sacre studied BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture at Wolverhampton University. His 2010 installation ‘See What This Man Gave Birth to After Using 2000 Condoms in 22 Days’ marked a creative turning point shifting his work from more traditional, nature-related sculpture to the conceptual.
He has continued to explore the possibilities of his sculptural forms whilst pushing his work into unfamiliar territory with drawings, paintings and digital art prints.
Since 2000, he has worked extensively with galleries and museums around the country delivering creative art events in British Sign Language (BSL) and spoken English.
In 2016, Christopher established SEE AND CREATE CIC, enabling signers and non-signers to have a greater opportunity to participate in inclusive, creative arts programmes. Based at Sun Pier House in Chatham, SEE AND CREATE offers a wide range of creative events working in partnership with skilled local artists to ensure diversity and choice in their offer.


Jane Pitt is an artist based in Chatham Intra. She makes installations that include digital and live sound, listening, voice, text and image, often in active participation with the public; on land, water and in moving vehicles. Her work evokes a heightened awareness of environment.
She has a reputation for sensitivity to both the environment and the people she makes work with.
Her experiences running away with French Circus Archaos and working with Mischief La-Bas (Scotland) & Cie Jamais 203 (France) confirmed her desire to work across disciplines in non-traditional spaces available to everyone.
Her work includes: ‘The Intertidal Choir’ vocalising the River Medway shoreline; multi-speaker installations such as ‘Everyone says..’ composed with multilingual greetings recorded in communities in Dorset and Medway; temporary large scale window works for museums and sound sculptures spurting vocalised water sounds in Germany. She has initiated international interdisciplinary collaborations between Kent and Brazil as well as residencies in France and Sri Lanka.


Jake Wood is an artist based in Gillingham, Kent, whose work spans performance, sculpture, collage, and projection installation. Drawing on a culture that is concerned with de-bunking the ideas of fitness, work, and exercise, he explores this by integrating his own use of the gym and physicality into his performances using tongue-in-cheek humour and slapstick comical gestures.
He enjoys the unapologetic attitude and approach that performative work offers – turning up to a place with his homemade props, doing what he needs to do, and then exiting again. Jake considers his practice inherently intrusive, invading different kinds of spaces and environments with the general public becoming unwitting participants captured on video.
As an artist, he has recently been exploring the intersections between bodybuilding and queerness through being a ‘gay bodybuilder,’ seeking to make audiences aware that queering spaces exist.


Sarah Blacker-Barrowman is an Australian born archaeologist turned milliner, who calls Medway home. She creates ready to wear collections of classic hats, fabulous fascinators, and unique bridal headwear. She also loves to undertake one-of-a-kind bespoke commissions and striking statement headpieces.
Using traditional skills, a collection of specialist blocks, and tiny hand sewn stitches, Sarah crafts each piece of headwear by hand in her studio. Drawing inspiration from her lifelong love of vintage style, she also often adds a dose of the statement costuming seen in her other former life in the cabaret world.
Including elements of recycled vintage jewellery is a favourite feature of her recent work. Her work has featured in ‘Frankie’, ‘Quirky Wedding Magazine’, and ‘The Lady’, and been included in exhibitions at London Hat Week and in Rochester Art Gallery.